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1.In the Abstract,the authors have mentioned that the patient underwent only Ileoascending anastomosis whereas later,they have mentioned that the mass was resected. Abstract needs to be corrected accordingly if the latter is correct.

2.'The organ of affection is
either jaw or abdomen in Indian scenario' -
needs to be revised as follows.
The commonly involved sites are the jaw and abdomen as neither the Jaw or the Abdomen can be called as 'Organs'

3.Despite the presence of small bowel obstruction,and the CT showing a large mass, it is surprising that Clinical examination did not reveal a mass in the Right iliac fossa !

4.Would like the authors to define the term 'Quarter Colectomy' &/or provide references for the same.

5.Details of IHC markers?
How did the Pathologists distinguish it from Diffuse large B Cell Lymphoma with High Proliferation Index?
IHC images?

6.Details of Anastomosis? End to End? Two Layers?

7.Details of MCP842 regimen?

8.Which stage does the lymphoma  referred to in the case get categorised?
Details of Staging e.g: St.Jude's (for Childhood NHL)
Whether Staging tests incl. CECT Chest,Bone Marrow study etc were done postoperatively? If not,why?

Posted by Dr. Vijay Ramachandran on 15 Jul 2014 04:42:22 AM GMT

Well written case report illustrating a rare case.

1. Can the title be modified to more crisp / appealing like An uncommon case of BL presenting as Intussusception in a child or Lymphoma can present as Intussusception in a child  ?

2. Use of trade names of medications such as Tab. Xyloric and Tab. Wysolone can be avoided

3. Abbreviations - CBC to be changed

4. "...provided complete cure from tumour followed by chemotherapy" Complete cure can only be assured after a good follow up which in this case is shor (6 months).


Posted by Mr. Krishna Kumar Govindarajan on 31 May 2014 11:04:26 AM GMT