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Narrative Topical Review of Sleep for Public Health Professionals

Submited on: 13 Apr 2013 06:15:58 AM GMT
Published on: 01 Oct 2013 07:20:53 AM GMT

 Review for Sleep Article


 Overall comments:  The article is a great one and provides a comprehensive look at many of the issues involving sleep. It will be a great addition to the field of public health. Looking forward to seeing this article in print.


Specific comments- Methods section


 The inclusion criteria are not very clear. Were there only 114 articles found or was there more and another criterion used to reduce it to 114 articles. If so what was the criteria.  Was there any other basis that you used to include the 114 that you consulted for the study?  It might be good to mention how many articles were found and how you narrowed down to 114.


 Did you use any quality assessment guidelines e.g. sample size or if a control group was used etc. to guide if a study was being mentioned for this paper.


Page 7 -Second sentence beginning with studies word should be,” have,” instead of haven


Page 9  -Sentence listing injurious health consequences, “and” should not appear before diabetes and instead after depression.


 Page 10-The heading sleep restriction may be better placed after the heading sleep restriction in society since the latter heading provides more general information and it may be better to go from the general information in that section to the more detailed information after.


Page 15-Could the acronym LTM be written out. It is not a standard abbreviation and is not used very often in the document to warrant being abbreviated in that manner.


Page 19- Consider hyphenating or separating the word, “standalones.”


Page 24- Melatonin has been receiving a lot of publicity for its relation to improved sleep. Is it possible more can be said on this topic?


Page 25 third paragraph- sentence that reads, “During periods when fatigue was high…” This should be changed to the present tense and read, “During periods when work fatigue is high.”

Posted by Dr. Diadrey-Anne Sealy on 12 Aug 2013 08:55:30 PM GMT

I advise the editor to send the article for review to a sleep specialist!


Dear authors,

I gave my best to finish the review of the article “A Topical Review Of  Sleep Health For Public Health Education And Promotion” as soon as possible.

This is one scholarly text and really needed. It is presented as a public health issue.

I have several major concerns considering its presentation.

State this article is a narrative review of the recent literature about sleep.

The Introduction is written insufficiently. There are no references, no rational for this review or clear aims.

The methods are also written insufficiently. Was there any criterion for inclusion? What type of the studies was considered? How you get to “A total of 114 articles, reports, and books were consulted for this review”. State exactly what will be presented in the results.

Write “Results and Discussion” section.

Language: I suggest to avoid idiosyncratic language “the culmination of…”. “..exciting…”, interesting.  Try to be objective.


Stay well!

Posted by Anonymous reviewer on 10 Aug 2013 09:34:23 AM GMT