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At the outset, I appreciate the research work carried out on the effect of electron radiation on D. radiodurans. In the context of extensive research generally carried out on this most redioresistant  organisms, this work throws light on the characteristics of this bacterium that will be of importance and interest to many scientists.

While I have no hesitation in recommending the publication of this work, I would like the authors to address the following points before it is published.

1. The abstract on page 1 could be made better, with English corrections.

2. In page 5, the authors describe the irradiation of the sample by electron beam and also by gamma radiation. It is not clear whether the same sample was irradiated simultaneously by both the radiations? If so, then how do we understand the effects due to each of them? If no, then appropriate explanation may be added in the text.

3. Couple of references are repeated. This may be corrected and accordingly cited in the text.

With these corrections, I recommend the publication of this work.

Posted by Prof. Gowrishankar Ramadurai on 04 Sep 2013 04:31:40 PM GMT

The article (ID: WMCPLS00263) is “Using Accelerator Electron Beams To Induce Massive Cell Killing In The Extremophilic Deinococcus Radiodurans”. The research materials and methods are professional, and the Results and Discussion are clear and brief. But the Introduction of the background of the research seems to be not very rich and strong, and the Conclusions of this article are given too brief. We suggest that the authors (1) in Introduction section enrich the research advancements of this research topic and first give detailed review and history of this research topic, (2) in the Conclusions section enrich and give strong conclusions, (3) refine and improve the research Materials and Methods and present (4) deep analyses of the Results. Then, this article is recommended to accept to publish.  

Posted by Anonymous reviewer on 02 Sep 2013 01:58:15 AM GMT