plus Criteria for Publication

plus will publish manuscripts in a broad range of biomedical disciplines from all over the world after editorial and peer review.

Broadly our criteria for publication are as follows.

  • Articles should represent a piece of scientific importance.
  • plus does not routinely accept articles published elsewhere as we feel it does not add anything to the accepted body of knowledge and wastes reviewers' time. However if you have a strong reason for wanting to publish your work on plus and have the necessary copy rights to publish the work on plus (please see our copyright policy for details), please contact us.
  • The manuscript must be scientifically and technically robust.
  • Authors must have supplied all necessary data and information and described methods in sufficient detail. Results must be interpreted appropriately and support the conclusions deduced.
  • The manuscript is appropriately written and includes appropriate references.
  • Authors maintain high standards of research integrity. Appropriate consent forms, ethics committee/institutional review board clearances etc. have been obtained.
  • Authors must disclose competing interests, sources of funding and contribution made by each author.
  • The manuscript follows appropriate guidelines for that type of study.