plus Editorial Team Structure

Prof. George Perry is the Editor-in-Chief of WebmedCentral plus. The Editor-in-Chief is not expected to make decisions on individual manuscripts, but rather provide the journal with direction and focus on issues of policy and science in a general sense.

plus will have a number of Speciality Editors for each speciality. The Speciality Editors will act as the handling Editor for manuscripts submitted to his/her section, and are respected experts in their field. The Speciality Editor will make the initial evaluation of the submitted manuscript, and if suitable, send the manuscript to two Editorial Board members to review. Once the reviews are returned, the Speciality Editor evaluates these, and makes an initial recommendation (reject, accept, request minor revisions, request major revisions). The manuscript, with reviewer comments, and the decision from the Speciality Editor is then sent back to the author. If revision is required, the Speciality Editor receives the revised manuscript, and either makes the final decision immediately, or sends it back to the original reviewers for re-review. After re-review, the Speciality Editor accesses the comments, and makes a final decision on the manuscript.

Guidelines for Speciality Editor

Members of the plus Speciality Editorial Board are specialists in their area. They have published widely in the field, and have had some experience of reviewing manuscripts in the past. They should be familiar (and comfortable) with the concept of open peer review.

Guidelines for Speciality Editorial Board

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