Dr. Fedorova-Abrams Natalie

Dr. Fedorova-Abrams Natalie

Bioinformatics Scientist

Frederick National Lab
Bethesda, United States of America, 20894

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Dr. Natalie Fedorova-Abrams is an interdisciplinary scientist with over 17 years of extensive experience in infectious disease, cancer and bioinformatics including next generation sequencing.   Her research is focused on analysis, integration and interpretation of cancer omics data with the ultimate goal to facilitate identification of molecular biomarkers for cancer patient management.  Prior to joining CCRIFX, she was an Assistant Professor at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) in Rockville, MD, where she led NIH/NIAID contracts aimed to facilitate the development of molecular approaches to drug resistance detection in fungal model systems.  She also coordinated sequencing and analysis of several large eukaryotic genomes and transcriptomes.  Dr. Fedorova-Abrams has authored ~50 peer-reviewed publications, patents, and chapters, which received over 6,000 citations with an h-index of 20.  She is a member of three journal editorial boards and an editor for BMC Genomics.

Academic positions:

Bioinformatics Scientist at FNL

Assistant Professor at the J. Craig Venter Institute

Research interests:

Integrative omics technologies in cancer biomarker detection

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral and WebmedCentral plus:

I am exited about the concept and its potential to transform biomedical publishing.