Prof. Jozwiak Krzysztof

Prof. Jozwiak Krzysztof

Medical University of Lublin

Faculty of Pharmacy
Lublin, Poland

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Prof Krzysztof Jozwiak graduated from Medical University of Lublin, Poland and then started 3 year postdoctoral training in  the Laboratory of Clinical Investigations, NIA/NIH under the supervision of dr. Irving W. Wainer. Currently he continues his research activities in Medical University of Lublin, Poland. His main research interest concerns  combination of experimental and computational techniques for characterization of drug-receptor interactions, explaining molecular pharmacology aspects and drug design in nicotinic, beta2adrenergic and AMPA receptors.  

Academic positions:

PhD degree from Medical University of Lublin, Poland (2000). 1st postdoc at National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Baltimore, MD, USA (2001-2004). 2nd postoc International Institute on Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland (2005-2007). Tenured professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Lublin, Poland (2007-2012).  

Research interests:

Molecular pharmacology and drug design. Novel experimental techniques to characterize drug's affinity and efficacy toward the protein target. Molecular modeling of ligand - receptor interactions.

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