Dr. Pezzullo Luciano

Dr. Pezzullo Luciano

Thyroid Surgical Unit

National Cancer Institut -IRCCS- PASCALE
via M. Semmola, 2, Naples, Italy, 80131

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Dr Luciano Pezzullo

Education/ Training:
* M.D. 1981 Medicine and Surgery, University of Naples Medical School - Naples, Italy. Board qualification
* 1987 General Surgery, University of Naples Medical School - Naples, Italy. Board qualification
* 1992 GI Surgery and Digestive Endoscopy, University of Naples Medical School - Naples, Italy.
* 1990 General Surgery, Italian Health Ministery National Board to Consutant of General, Surgery
* 1978 General Surgery, Elective Period, Foreign Student, University College Hospital Medical School, London -UK.
* 1985 GI Surgery St. Thomas's Hospital, Elective Period, Foreign Doctor
1985 Colo-rectal Surgery, Elective Period, Foreign Doctor, Western General Hospital of Edinburg - UK
* 1985 GI Surgery, Foreign Doctor, The General Hospital of the University in Birmingham (UK) Elective Period
* 1989 Colo-rectal Surgery, Foreign Surgeon, St.Mark's Hospital - London UK Elective Period
* 1990 GI and Endocrine-Surgery, Foreign Surgeon, Hopital Rothschild Paris France Elective Period, Foreign Surgeon
* 1990 GI Surgery, Foreign Surgeon, Hopital St Antoine Paris France Elective Period

Academic positions:

Chief of Thyroid Surgical Unit

Research interests:

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

Any other information:

Dr Pezzullo is the chief of Thyroid Surgical Unit at the National Cancer Institute of Naples, one of the most active Center for the study and treatment of thyroid cancer, focusing his researches in the improvement of new strategies and technologies Since 2001 dr Pezzullo has direct responsibility of Thyroid Pathology Patients. As first operator he has conducted more than 2000 surgical procedures on thyroid pathology patients and more than 500 on cancer patients.

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