Dr. Dhamala Mukesh

Dr. Dhamala Mukesh

Assistant Professor

Georgia State University
29 Peachtree Center Ave, Science Annex 400, Atlanta, United States of America, 30303

plus Speciality



MS in Computational Physics

PhD in Theoretical and Computational Physics

Postdoctoral Research in Biomedical  Science/Engineering

United States' NSF Faculty CAREER Award in 2010 from the Cognitive Neuroscience Section

Academic positions:

Assistant Professor of Physics and Neuroscience

Research interests:

Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Brain Imaging, Neuroimaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electroecephalography, Human Decision-Making, Multisensory Perception, Nonlinear Dynamics, Signal and Image Processing, Statistical Analysis Methods

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral and WebmedCentral plus:

I really like the idea of publishing submitted articles right away and conducting review process in a transparent fashion. This will ultimately encourage high-quality submissions and acceptance. I enjoy being a part of this process.