Prof. Balasubramanian Saba

Prof. Balasubramanian Saba

Clinical Senior Lecturer

University of Sheffield
, Sheffield, United Kingdom

plus Speciality



I graduated from Madras Medical College in 1995 and trained in General Surgery in PGIMER, India. I did research on low penetrance genes in breast cancer development to obtain a PhD in Surgical Oncology. I trained further in General Surgery in the UK and specialised in Endocrine Surgery. I did a fellowship in Endocrine Surgery and am now a NIHR Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Univeristy of Sheffield and a honorary endocrine surgeon in Sheffield.

Academic positions:

Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield
Honorary Consultant Surgeon in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Research interests:

Thyroid Cancer - Epidemiology and Management
Parathyroid Disease
Adrenal Tumours
Practice of Evidence Based Surgery
Medical Education

Any other information:

I would be interested in a journal/speciality devoted to Endocrine Surgery and would be happy to involve a group of like minded colleagues from around the world to set up an Editorial board

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral and WebmedCentral plus:

WebmedCentralplus is a good idea and modification on the principles of WedmedCentral. To my mind, peer review is the best of the few available mechanisms of quality control and some form of peer review is essential before publication.