Prof. Gentleman Steve

Prof. Gentleman Steve

Professor of Neuropathology

Dept Medicine, Imperial College London
London, United Kingdom, W6 8RP

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Over the past 20 years I have run an active research team investigating the pathology of neurodegenerative disease and traumatic brain injury. In some of our early work we identified pathological changes in the brains of people who had died of a serious head injury which were very similar to those seen in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.This link, based on inflammatory mechanisms, is still the focus of research for my research team in collaboration with colleagues throughout the UK and USA. We also discovered that damage to the processes of nerve cells as a result of head injury was far more common than originally thought. In more recent years I has been part of a European consortium of neuropathologists who have been working to standardise the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. Using this expertise I provide diagnostic support for the Parkinson’s UK and Multiple Sclerosis Society Tissue Banks at Imperial and I am a member of the Medical Research Council Brain Bank Network management committee.

Academic positions:

Professor of Neuropathology and Head of Neuropathology unit, Department of Medicine Imperial College London, Charing Cross campus (Aug 11 to date)

Research interests:

Inflammatory processes and glial involvement in neurodegenerative disease pathology Clinicopathological studies of Parkinson’s disease Traumatic brain injury

Any other information:

Selected recent publications Charlesworth G, Gandhi S, Bras JM, Barker RA, Burn DJ, Chinnery PF, Gentleman SM, Guerreiro R, Hardy J, Holton JL, Lees A, Morrison K, Sheerin U-M, Williams N, Morris H, Revesz T, Wood NW. (2012) Tau acts as an independent genetic risk factor in pathologically proven PD. Neurobiol Aging In Press, Available online 4 January 2012 Howell OW, Reeves CA, Nicholas R, Carassiti D, Radotra B, Gentleman SM, Serafini B, Aloisi F, Roncaroli F, Magliozzi R, Reynolds R. (2011) Meningeal inflammation is widespread and linked to cortical pathology in multiple sclerosis. Brain 134(Pt 9):2755-71. PMID: 21840891 Ramlackhansingh AF, Brooks DJ, Greenwood RJ, Bose SK, Turkheimer FE, Kinnunen KM, Gentleman S, Heckemann RA, Gunanayagam K, Gelosa G, Sharp DJ. (2011) Inflammation after trauma: microglial activation and traumatic brain injury. Ann Neurol; 70(3):374-83 PMID: 21710619 Sastre M, Richardson JC, Gentleman SM, Brooks DJ (2011) Inflammatory Risk Factors and Pathologies Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease Curr Alz Res Feb 23 PMID: 21345169 Kalaitzakis ME, Walls AJ, Pearce RKB, Gentleman SM (2011) Striatal A? peptide deposition mirrors dementia and differentiates DLB and PDD from other parkinsonian syndromes. Neurobiol Dis, 41:377-84 PMID: 20951207 Bate C, Gentleman S, Williams A (2010) ?-synuclein induced synaptic damage is enhanced by amyloid-? 1-42 Mol Neurodegeneration 5:55 PMID: 21138585 Wan Y, Xu J, Meng F, Bao Y, Ge Y, Lobo N, Vizcaychipi MP, Zhang D, Gentleman SM, Maze M, Ma D (2010) Cognitive decline following major surgery is associated with gliosis, beta-amyloid accumulation, and tau phosphorylation in old mice. Crit Care Med 38: 2190-2198 PMID: 20711073 Kalaitzakis ME, Christian LM, Moran LB, Graeber MB, Pearce RKB, Gentleman SM (2009) Dementia and visual hallucinations associate with limbic pathology in Parkinson’s disease Parkinsonism & Related Dis 15:196-204 PMID: 18602855 Anderson PJ, Watts HR, Jen S, Gentleman SM, Moncaster JA, Walsh DT, Jen LS (2009) Differential effects of interleukin-1beta and S100B on amyloid precursor protein in rat retinal neurons Clin Ophthalmol 3:235-42 PMID: 19668572 Kalaitzakis ME, Graeber MB, Gentleman SM, Pearce RK (2009) Parkinson disease: extranigral, multisystem, and {alpha}-synuclein “plus” Arch Neurol 66:914-5. PMID: 19597100 Kalaitzakis ME, Pearce RK, Gentleman SM (2009) Clinical correlates of pathology in the claustrum in Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. Neurosci Lett 461:12-5. PMID: 19523504 Kalaitzakis ME, Graeber MB, Gentleman SM, Pearce RKB (2008) Controversies over the staging of ?-synuclein pathology in Parkinson’s disease. Acta Neuropathol 116:125-8 PMID: 18446352 Alafuzoff I, Parkkinen L, Al-Sarraj S, Arzberger T, Bell J, Bodi I, Bogdanovic N, Budka H, Ferrer I, Gelpi E, Gentleman S, Giaccone G, Kamphorts W, King A, Korkolopolou P, Kovacs GG, Larionov S, Meyronet D, Monoranu C, Morris J, Parchi P, Patsouris E, Roggendorf W, Seilhean D, Streichenberger N, Thal DR, Kretzschmar H (2008) Assessment of alpha-Synuclein Pathology: A study of the BrainNet Europe Consortium J Neuropath Exp Neurol 67, 125-43 PMID: 18219257

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