Dr. Deo Shekhar

Dr. Deo Shekhar


Department of Medical Pharmacology and Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia
1909 Waverly Court, Apt#5, Columbia, United States of America, 65201

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This Is Who I Am: I’m a physician scientist with more than 4 years of postdoctoral research experience in planning and conducting pharmacology focused cardiovascular research. I have diverse experience with state-of-art laboratory techniques to perform pre-clinical as well as clinical cardiovascular research. My biggest asset is diverse research technical expertise compounded with clinical experience that allows me to be an expert in vast areas of pharmacology-based research. In my research career I have been actively involved in fostering and maintaining collaborations with clinicians and scientists that yielded more than 15 full-length publications in high tier journals. I have frequently attended and presented data at scientific meetings. As A Clinical Researcher: In my current position as a postdoctoral research scientist, one of my major contributions is that I have built and managed molecular research laboratory for 3 years with an infrastructure worth of about $50,000. One of my recent achievements is successfully planning and executing a double blinded, placebo controlled, cross over clinical study design involving patients with heart failure, the results of which were recently accepted for publication. In addition, I have extensive experience in computational analysis of Doppler Ultrasound human blood flow analysis and cardiovascular variables. As A Preclinical Researcher: One of my major expertise as a doctoral student was to perform state-of-art cardiac microdialysis to deliver drugs in the tissue of interest in vivo canine model that allowed me to publish 8 full-length publications. My Techniques: Blood Mononuclear Cell Isolation Endothelial Cell Isolation Real Time RT-PCR Western Blot Electron Paramagnetic Spin Resonance Cell Culture Immunohistochemistry Confocal & Fluorescent Imaging Colorimetric Assays Tissue Specific Drug-Delivery For more information you can contact me via Linkedin Inbox or at shekhardeo@hotmail.com

Academic positions:

Post Doctoral Research Scientist Clinical Research Management Intern Research Assistant Resident Doctor (M.D.) Medical Student & Intern (M.B.B.S.)

Research interests:

Heart Failure Cardiac Dysrhythmias Cardiac Ischemia Metabolic Syndrome Type 2 Diabetes

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral and WebmedCentral plus:

I like the idea of rapid and transparent means of publication that is being provided by WMC. I also agree there are possibilities of inherent bias within it leaving manuscripts at the mercy of editors and reviewers that is associated with the traditional publication process. However, there needs to be some sort of regulation to prevent low quality research being published. I believe WMC plus will provide such regulation.