Dr. Khan Shahper

Dr. Khan Shahper

PhD, MPhil, MS

Taussig Cancer Centre, Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, United States of America, 44195

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Presently at Taussing cancer centre, Cleveland clinic, USA; studying epigenetic aspects of Hematological malignancies pathogenesis and drug discovery aimed at silencing key oncogenes and selectively reactivating tumor suppressor genes by epigenetic pathways. Developing and employing kinetic and mechanistic approach to understand epigenetic protein targets, their cellular pathways, mechanism and binding site allocation of most selective potent hits. Also involved in a clinical trial, where bone marrow from multiple myeloma patients is obtained before and after treatment with a DNA demethylator and with a goal to develop blood tests that could provide DNA methylation status of bone marrow myeloma cells. In my PhD dissertation at Aligarh M University, India I establishes a counterintuitive, yet fundamental, new targets of anticancer anthracyclines actions. Conceptually my results reveal the interaction of these drugs with histone acetylation, transcription factor assembly and other cellular dynamics responsible for repressed transcription and cell death.
1. Received the award of the most active ‘Research Scholar of the University’, 2009. 2.  Felicitated by the university as ‘Science achiever’s of the University’ in the felicitation function as celebration of the 59th republic day of India, 2008.
3. Received best paper award in ‘International conference of Applied Bioengineering 2007’ (iCAB07), at Chennai, India.
4. Chaired a session at 33rd National Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India, Pune, 2006.

Academic positions:

1. Research Scientist (2009-present) Cleveland Clinic Studying epigenetic aspects for drug discovery aimed at silencing key oncogenes and selectively reactivating tumor suppressor genes and part of a clinical trial.  
2. Senior Research Fellow (2008-2009) Council of scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) fellowship. Research: Structural and molecular aspects of drug interaction with genetic (DNA) and epigenetic components (histone modifications) and mechanistic studies
3. Research Fellow (2006-08) Department of Biotechnolgy (DBT) Fellowship. Research: Preferential binding interactions of anticancer anthracyclines with DNA and blood protein with emphasis on transport and toxicological significance
4. Junior Research Fellow (2005-06) Council of scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Fellowship. Research: Isolation and characterization of anticariogenic and antibiofilm Novel therapeutics compounds from herbal extracts
5. Intern (2004) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Studies on Genetic Transformation in Vigna Species using Agrobacterium Tumifaciens and Biolistic Gun.

Research interests:

Drug Discovery, Epigenetics, Drug-protein Interactions, Cancer Therapeutics, Novel drug targets.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral and WebmedCentral plus:

I think its really an innovative idea of fast track publication in 48 hrs as in this competitive world no one wants to hold their scientific discoveries for many reasons.