Dr. Qazi Sanjive

Dr. Qazi Sanjive

Research Professor in Biology

Gustavus Adolphus College
800 College Av, Saint Peter, United States of America, 56082

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My fundamental training in basic biology using insect model systems during my academic fellowships (enzyme and binding kinetics, computational biology, biophysics) enabled me to apply this knowledge in cancer therapy and anti-HIV drug development programs. My statistical understanding of noise in data proved to be useful in cancer patient survival outcome analysis; assisting the drug development teams in IND preparations for a promising anti-HIV compound (Stampidine); Internal Review Board evaluations of toxicity and efficacy, studies; and in the research realm I tackled the statistical issues that arose from measuring thousands of variables from high-throughput technologies using relatively small sample sizes. This has now extended to an emerging collaboration with the Keck Medical School, Pediatric Oncology Department to investigate mechanisms of drug and radiation resistance and development of new paradigms for treatment. At Gustavus, I want to pursue a more holistic vision for therapeutics that will integrate the power of genomics into whole body experiences. Both my neurochemistry and clinical biomedical backgrounds have provided me with tools to incorporate a systems approach to both theory and practice of my research. Under this more collaborative and team oriented scientific investigations, I want to gain a deeper understanding of gene switches and how they operate to better describe a whole range of complimentary approaches to human therapeutics. I am open to collaborate with anyone from the arts and humanities in my research. Also, I have focused my research efforts on how drug and radiation resistance develops in cancer cells. I have published 20 papers on the discovery of a new mechanism for resistance that will make it possible to treat children's leukemia using a new compound that switches off the pathway leading to insenitivty to treatments.

Academic positions:

Education: B.S. University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K.; PhD, CASE Bath University, U.K. Current Position: Research Professor in Biology Gustavus Adolphus College

Research interests:

Bioinformatics, Computational modeling, and Pharmacology

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral and WebmedCentral plus:

I think this will be important for devloping cross displinary unserstanding of complex diseases through extensinve, unbias and timely data sharing.