Prof. Weiler Catherine

Prof. Weiler Catherine

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Immunology at Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota Area , United States of America

plus Speciality




1. 1984 – 1989: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Immunology, Mayo Clinic

2. 1976 – 1983: Doctor of Medicine (MD), Medicine and surgery; Kuwait university Faculty of Medicine

Academic positions:

Experience: 1. July 1998 – Present (14 years 4 months): Consultant; Mayo Clinic Allergy and immunology. Sub specialty hyper eosinophilic syndrome, eosinophilic esophagitis, eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders, systemic mastocytosis, mast cell activation disorders and anaphylaxis. 2. April 1998 – Present (14 years 7 months): Assistant Professor of Medicine; Mayo Clinic 3. March 1984 – May 1998 (14 years 3 months): Graduate School and medical training; Mayo Clinic Graduate school: immunology of eosinophil degranulation and activation Postdoctoral training: biochemistry and biophysics of eosinophil proteins Residency: internal medicine Fellowship: allergy and immunology 4. June 1997 – July 1997 (2 months): Fellowship sub training; Duke University Primary immunodeficiency

Research interests:

Immunology, Asthma, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, EMR, Medical Education, Clinical Research, Healthcare.

Any other information:

Peer-reviewed Articles

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