Dr. Lobie Peter

Dr. Lobie Peter


Senior Principal Investigator Cancer Science Institute of Singapore
Cootamundra, New South Wales, Austria

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Peter Lobie obtained a B.Med.Sci. (Distinction) and MBBS (Medicine First Class Honours) in 1992 from the University of Queensland in Australia. He was awarded the highest accolade from the University in the form of a University Medal. His postdoctoral work was undertaken at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden where he also obtained a PhD. He has consecutively held faculty positions in Singapore and New Zealand. He was also New Zealand’s first chair of Breast Cancer funded by the Breast Cancer Research Trust. He is now is Professor and Senior Principal Investigator at the newly formed Cancer Science Institute of Singapore. Peter Lobie is author of over 120 publications and is an international authority on molecular mechanisms of hormone action. Recent emphasis in his laboratory has focused on the capacity of hormones or secreted proteins to initiate or progress cancer and thereby evaluation of individual molecules for their potential therapeutic application. This latest focus has produced intellectual property of potential enormous utility and value. One of the cancer programmes has been licensed in 2008 to an international partner for clinical development. He is the recipient of multiple local and international awards and has been appointed a Fellow (Academician) of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Prof. Lobie is the inventor on 11 patent families and has been associated heavily with industry during his time in Sweden (Pharmacia), has consulted for Pfizer Inc. and Metabolic Inc. and in New Zealand served as a senior consultant to Neuren Pharmaceuticals as head of their cancer research programme. He is the founding scientist of Perseis Therapeutics Ltd and Saratan Therapeutics Ltd, two new entities focused on development of therapeutics to novel cancer target molecules. He is also a founding shareholder in Wuhan Long Ke Ltd. He was an editorial board member of Endocrinology among a number of other international journals and served on the Annual Meeting Steering Committee of The Endocrine Society (USA). He has served as a reviewer for more than 40 academic journals and more than 15 local and international granting agencies.

Academic positions:


Primary Education:

1. 1972-1974: St. Joseph's Convent, Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia.
2. 1975-1979: St. Joseph's Convent, Biloela, Queensland, Australia.

Secondary Education:

1. 1980: Biloela State High School, Biloela, Queensland, Australia.
2. 1981-1984: St. Brendan's College, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.

Tertiary Education :

1. The University of Queensland, Australia 1985-1992.
2. 1985: Science 1
3. 1986-1988: Medicine I-III
4. 1989-1990: Bachelor of Medical Science with Distinction
5. 1990-1992: Medicine IV-VI
6. 1992: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with First Class Honours
7. 1994: Doctor of Philosophy (Doctor i Medicinsk Vetenskap) (Molecular Endocrinology), Karolinska Institute, Department of Medical Nutrition, Stockholm, Sweden.

University Academic Prizes

1. Department of Anatomy Vacation Scholarship 1987/88
2. The Herbert John Wilkinson Memorial Prize in Anatomy 1988
3. Department of Physiology and Pharmacology Vacation Scholarship 1988/89
4. The William Nanthaniel Robertson Scholarship 1989
5. The Douglas H.K. Lee Family Scholarship 1989
6. The John Weinholt Memorial Scholarship in Anatomy and Physiology 1989
7. The Sullivan and Niccolaides Medical Science Prize 1989
8. The National Health and Medical Research Council Medical Undergraduate
     Scholarship 1989
9. The University Medal for Outstanding Scholarship 1992

Research interests:

Cancer, Pharmacology

Any other information:


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