Dr. Orme Stephen

Dr. Orme Stephen

Consultant Endocrinologist/Honorary Senior Lecturer

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Leeds, United Kingdom

plus Speciality




1. 1984: MB ChB Manchester
2. 1988: MRCP (UK)
3. 1996: AMISM
4. 1997: MD Manchester
5. 1999: FRCPEdin
6. 2000: FRCPLond

Academic positions:

Present Appointment

November 1997- Present: Consultant Endocrinologist/Honorary Senior Lecturer at  Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


I have been a Consultant Endocrinologist, working in Leeds Teaching Hospitals since November 1997.
I am responsible for delivering a significant proportion of the tertiary endocrine service (including pituitary disease and metabolic bone disease) for Leeds and the wider area.

Recent Patient Satisfaction Survey from my Bone Clinic (March 2012) showed 98% patient satisfaction with our service.

In addition I have 10 General Medical In-Patient and contribute to the Acute Medical Rota by weekend and evening work on the Acute Medical Ward.


Programme Committee member SFE (2008-present) & Clinical Coordinator for BES Meeting Birmingham, April 2011. Developing symposia & arranging speakers for annual 4 day international meeting, Marking abstracts, planning oral sessions, judging oral presentations & chairing sessions.

Member of SFE Public Engagement Committee (2009-2012) as one of 3 web editors, developed public website ,'You & Your Hormones'.  Launched at  BES meeting (April 2011). Involved commissioning over 150 articles, writing, reviewing & editing work. Website had >80,000 visits in 12 months .

SFE representative to RCP for professional CPD (Feb 2010-present), approving a large number of applications for training /scientific meetings.

Educational supervisor for FY1, FY2, ST1 & SpR.  Representative on Diabetes & Endocrinology STC.

RCP PACES Examiner & Co-Host  (Leeds July 09 & 10 ) wrote 3 scenarios for station 5, adopted by RCP.

Invited lectures (2011-12): Final year revision lecture (Leeds Medical School) FY1's, Endocrine Emergencies (LGI), International Bone Meeting (London), SpR Training Meeting (Tadcaster) , Osteoporosis Nurses Meeting (Sheffield), National Geriatric Meeting (Wakefield), National Osteoporosis Society Meeting (Leeds), Yorkshire Regional RCP meeting (Leeds) &  St Bartholemew's Hospital (London). Good feedback from all events.

Research interests:

My main research interest, and the subject of my MD thesis, is a large retrospective epidemiological study of cancer incidence and all cause mortality in acromegaly.   In a parallel study working with Prof. Timothy Bishop at the Imperial Cancer Research Centre, St. James’s Hospital,  I have studied the families of patients with acromegaly in West Yorkshire to determine the local incidence of familial (non - MEN 1) acromegaly and to investigate the occurrence of cancer in the families of patients with acromegaly. I have continued to do collaborative research with Professor Marta Korbonits(St Bartholomew’s Hospital London) into familial acromegaly (FIPA) leading to a publication in the New England Journal of Medicine (2011).   

I have also been responsible for a number of studies involving growth hormone (GH) replacement therapy in GH deficient adults, in collaboration with The Centre for Bone and Body Composition (Medical Physics, LGI), Department of Psychology St. James's Hospital, Department of Medicine (LGI), and The Centre for Non-Linear Studies and Computational Biology Group, Department of Physiology, University of Leeds.   

I have an interest in osteoporosis research having evaluated the effect of disodium etidronate (Didronel) and high dose calcium in a clinical study of osteoporotics and investigated the relationship between skin thickness and bone mass in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and normal controls.  

In collaboration with Professor Arun Holden (Department of Physiology, University of Leeds) I developed research projects for and supervised 2 PhD students (Dr F Homayoun Valiani and Dr A Al-Hazimi).

I have been principal local investigator in 2 Pharmaceutical Company Sponsored multi-centre studies (Teriparatide [synthetic PTH] in the treatment of osteoporosis, Pegvisomant [GH receptor blocker] in the treatment of acromegaly.

With Professor Bun Tan I have supervised an SpR (Dr Rob Moisey)  in a study of the relationship between measures of cardiac power and cardiac function and a disease specific patient well-being questionnaire (AGHDA score).

With Associate Professor Ramzi Ajjan I have studied the effects of thyroid diseases on cardiac risk parameters, including clot structure function.

I am presently principal investigator (with Dr Richard McNally – University of Newcastle) in a study of second tumours in patients with acromegaly who have undergone radiotherapy and local principal investigator in the PAGMA study (Society for Endocrinology sponsored study of Post-Radiation Management of Patients with Graves’ Disease)

I am a referee, for Clinical Endocrinology and The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. I have been a regular attender and contributor to the National Osteoporosis Society, the Pituitary Society, the Society of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society.

I am Regional Liaison Officer for the Society for Endocrinology, Programme Committee Member for the British Endocrine Society and, Principal Investigator Steering Committee
Member UK Acromegaly Database.

Any other information:


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