Dr. Smith Kimothy

Dr. Smith Kimothy

Professor of Microbiology

University of Nevada School of Medicine and Epidemiology
Incline Village, United States of America

plus Speciality




1. 1999: Ph.D.; Epidemiology; Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2. 1985: D.V.M.; Veterinary Medicine; Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
3. 1981: B.S.; Biochemistry; Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Postgraduate and Other Training

1. 2003-2005: Stanford Certificate in Advanced Project Management; Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
2. 2001: 4th United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission Training; Ottawa, Canada
3. 1999-2001: Cowden Post-doctoral Fellowship in Microbiology; Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
4. 1998: Spatial and Spatio-temporal Analytical Techniques for Epidemiology; Massey University, Palmerston North, NewZealand
5. 1997: Molecular Genetics Techniques (Dr. Emilio Garcia) Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, Livermore, California
6. 1996: Molecular Genetics Techniques (Dr. Paul Jackson) Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Los Alamos, NewMexico

Academic positions:

Academic Appointments

1. 2001-2002: Assistant Professor, Research; Northern Arizona University, Department of Biological Sciences, Flagstaff, Arizona
2. 1999-2001: Adjunct Professor; Louisiana State University, School of Veterinary Medicine,
Department of Epidemiology and Community Health, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


1. 2012: Representative for Data and Surveillance; Inaugural Washoe County Food Policy Council
2. 2009: Award for Outstanding Public Service; Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
3. 2006: Invited Speaker; AVMA Annual Conference, Waikki, Hawaii, USA
4. 2002, 2005,2006: Invited Speaker (Plenary Sessions); United States Animal Health Association-American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Annual Conferences
5. 2001: Invited Speaker; 4th International Conference on Anthrax, Maryland, USA
6. 1999: Phi Zeta; Honorary Veterinary Academic Society Louisiana State University Chapter
7. 1999-2001: Post-doctoral Fellow; Cowden Post-doctoral Fellowship in Microbiology, Northern
Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
8. 1998: Invited Speaker; 3rd International Conference on Anthrax, Plymouth, UK
9. 1980: Phi Lambda Upsilon; Honorary Biochemical Society Oklahoma State University Chapter

Research interests:

Biodefense, Emerging infectious disease and epidemiology.

Any other information:

Selected  Papers  

1. Van Ert MN, Easterday WR, Huynh LY, Okinaka RT, Hugh-Jones ME, Ravel J, Zanecki SR, Pearson T, Simonson TS, U'ren JM, Kachur SM, Leadem-Dougherty RR, Rhoton SD, Zinser G, Farlow J, Coker PR, Smith KL, Wang B, Kenefic LJ, Fraser-Liggett CM, Wagner DM, Keim P. Global Genetic Population Structure of Bacillus anthracis. PLoS ONE. 2007 May 23;2:e461
2. U'Ren JM, Schupp JM, Pearson T, Hornstra H, Friedman CL, Smith KL, Daugherty RR, Rhoton SD, Leadem B, Georgia S, Cardon M, Huynh LY, DeShazer D, Harvey sP, Robison R, Gal D, Mayo MJ, Wagner D, Currie BJ, Keim P. Tandem repeat regions within the Burkholderia pseudomallei    genome and their application for high resolution genotyping. BMC Microbiol. 2007 March  30;7:23
3. Vogler AJ, keys CE, Allender C, Bailey I, Girard J, Pearson T, smith KL, Wagner DM, Keim P. Mutations, mutation rates and evolution at the hypervariable VNTR loci of Yersinia pestis.  Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis 2007 March 1;616(1-­?2):145-58.
4. Takahashi H, Keim P, Kaufmann AF, keys C, Smith KL, Taniguchi K, Inouye S, Kurata T. Bacillus anthracis incident, Kameido, Tokyo, 1993. Emerg Infect Dis. 2004 Jan;10(1):117-20.    
5. Robart AR, Montgomery NK, smith KL, Zimmerly S. Principles of 3'splice site selection and   alternative splicing for an unusual group II intron from Bacillus anthracis. RNA. 2004 May;10(5):854-­62.
6. R.Scott Spurgiesz, teresa N. Quitugua, Kimothy L. Smith, James schupp, Eldon G. Palmer,    Rebecca A. Cox and Paul Keim. Molecular Typing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Using Nine Novel Variable-Number Tandem Repeats across the Beijing Family and Low-Copy-Number IS6110    Isolates. Journal of Clinical Microbiology Sep. 2003 41:9. 4224-­?4230.    
7. Coker, PR, KL Smith, P Fellows, ME Hugh-Jones. Bacillus anthracis Virulence in AVA Vaccinated Guinea pigs is Linked to Plasmid Quantities and Clonality. Journal of Clinical    Microbiology Mar. 2003. 41:3. 1212-1218.
8. Read TD, Salzberg SL, Pop M, Shumway M, Umayam L, Jiang L, Holtzapple E, Busch JD, Smith    KL, Schupp JM, Solomon D, Keim P, Fraser CM. Comparative genome sequencing for discovery of    novel polymorphisms in Bacillus anthracis. Science. 2002 Jun 14;296(5575):2028-33. Epub 2002   May 09.
9. JD, Smith KL, Schupp JM, Solomon D, Keim P, Fraser CM. Comparative genome sequencing for    discovery of novel polymorphisms in Bacillus anthracis. Science 2002 Jun 14;296(5575):2028-33  10. Coker PR, Smith KL, Hugh-Jones ME. Antimicrobial susceptibilities of diverse Bacillus  anthracis isolates. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2002 Dec;46(12):3843-5.

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