Dr. Fujimatsu Toshihiro

Dr. Fujimatsu Toshihiro


Hokuto Social Medical Corporation
Obihiro, Japan

plus Speciality



1. March 1984: Graduate from Nippon Medical School
2. July 1984: Cardiovascular Resident, The Second Department of Surgery, Nippon Medical School
3. April 1988: Cardiovascular Surgical Resident (Chief Resident), National Children’s Hospital in Tokyo
4. December 1989: Cardio-thoracic Rotating Resistra, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney,
Australia (Sydney University)
5. January 1991 (2years): Senior Resistra (Staff Surgeon: Independent Surgeon)
6. January 1993: Head of Cardiovascular Surgery, Keiju General Hospital in Ishikawa Prefecture
7. September 1997:    Head of Cardiovascular Surgery and Chair of Heart Center, Urasoe General Hospital
8. January 2002: Head of Cardiovascular Surgery and Chair of Heart & Aortic Center, Aizawa Hospital, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
9. July 2010: Present Post

Surgical Career in China

July 1998: 1 case of CABG at Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital in Hangzhou, Zhejiang
January 1999: At Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital in Chendu, Sichuan Province, China
(i) 1 case of MIDCAB: First successful CABG and MIDCAB in Sichuan Province
(ii) 1 case of conventional CABG: First successful conventional CABG in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital
April 2000: At Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital in Chindu, Sichuan China
(i) 3 cases of OPCAB: First successful OPCAB in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital
(ii) 2 cases of conventional CABG

Academic positions:

Present Post

Director of Hokuto Social Medical Corporation; Vice President, Chair of Heart Center, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery, Hokuto Hospital, Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan. Honorary Professor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, Chendu, China

Research interests:

1. CABG including OPCAB, MIDCAB, and Minimal Access CABG (performed through small incision with cardiopulmonary bypass and cardiac arrest)
2. Aortic Surgery

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